Knowing when to replace a roof and with what type of roofing material is often a difficult decision. Factors that can wreak havoc on your roof include sun, rain, hail, ice storms, snow, wind, condensation, moss & algae, trees & branches, missing or torn shingles, shingle deterioration and flashing deterioration. If you believe it’s time to replace your roof, have an HBA professional inspect your roof and provide an estimate

HBA installs a complete product line of residential roofing products. Our customers can select from asphalt composition shingles, cedar, slate, metal and flat roof systems. Regardless of architecture, all roofing systems have five basic components:

  • Structure: trusses and rafters that support the decking
  • Decking/sheathing: boards or plywood that are fastened to the roof rafters
  • Underlayment: sheets of asphalt-saturated material - 2nd layer of protection for decking
  • Roof covering: Shingles, tiles, etc., that protect the decking from weather.
  • Drainage: roof design features - slope, shape, layout - determine ability to shed water
  • Flashing: Sheet metal laid in valleys of a roof system to prevent water leaks