Castle Hill Lane Roof Replacement


The Project: This traditional Strafford, PA home was equipped with a new GAF Timberline roof system by HBA professionals. Ventilation was added along the ridge of the roof to create positive airflow, protecting the roof underlayment. Black window shutters accent each window around the house. A gutter guard system was installed to alleviate gutter maintenance for the home owner.

Hancock professionals removed the existing one (1) layer of cedar, inspected and replaced all 1x3 lathe. To alleviate ice dam effects, Hancock pros installed an ice and water shield over entire low slope back gusset roof area per township code. Thirty (30) pound asphalt saturated roof felt was installed as a moisture barrier over the entire roof. The existing gutters and downspouts were cleaned and secured to help promote proper drainage.

As added protection against the elements, HBA pros installed ten (10) copper neoprene soil pipe flanges seven (7) 3” pipes & three (3) 2” pipes, new copper step flashings along wall joints, new counter flashing reglet attached to the wall joint using 16 oz copper. Along the sides of the two (2) stucco chimneys, the professionals from Hancock installed new reglet step & counter flashing using 24” 16 oz. copper.

Finally, HBA pros relined, locked and soldered two (2) crickets using 24” 16oz copper behind (2) chimneys. Relining the valleys was performed using 24in. 16 oz copper with a 1inch standing seam. Complete flashing details to (1) existing skylights was also added.

A 20-Year limited workmanship warranty and lifetime manufacturer’s warranty on roof shingles prove HBA professionals mean business.


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